The Finest Interior Contracting

James Mansfield

West Village GC is a full-service construction company serving Manhattan's residents and businesses for 15 years.
We have:

  • Dedicated project managers with an average of 17 years NYC construction experience
  • 15,000sf shop in Brooklyn, in-house finish carpentry
  • In-house specialist painting and finishes team
  • A highly focused and experienced back office
  • A streamlined and highly process driven approach to delivering projects on time, on budget with industry leading quality. Every time!

If this is the build out team you are looking for, let West Village GC bring your project to life!

“We have devoted our business to being happy contractors. Sound strange? Not at all, happy contractors are a direct result of delighted clients.

 I believe that a construction company should be rigidly accountable for:

  • Budget
  • Timeline
  • Quality

The architectural & design team should be accountable for design accuracy. The client should be accountable for prompt decisions. These simple accountabilities are a major component of delivering projects on time, on budget, and with great quality. Every time!”

James Mansfield CEO

General Contracting Services

  • Residential

    Build to WOW! Providing our clients with a first class consumer experience is our number one goal. Residential construction should be a fun and satisfying experience.

  • Commercial

    Commercial construction in NYC is driven by time and budget. Having a team with 15 years of experience will take the guesswork out of your commercial project. Do it once, do it perfectly and be on time with everything.

  • Retail

    We love retail projects! Working with a great design team to bring your retail store to life in record time is a highlight of our calendar. Bringing design and perfect execution together, on time to the day, is our singular mission.

The Finest Interior Contracting

Do It Once

Be Accountable

Over Communicate

Always be Learning


Who Are We?

James MansfieldI’m James Mansfield, Founder/CEO of West Village GC.
I can show you any number of beautifully finished and appointed spaces that we have built over the past 15 years.  All of them demonstrate our technical excellence and attention to detail. But this is a minimum requirement for any company providing construction services at our level.

Equally important to technical excellence is understanding our clients requirements and making sure the project is run perfectly from the beginning to the end.

This comes down to two points: Communication and Process.

Why Choose Us?

Because building should be fun.
West Village GC's culture and processes are something that we are very proud of. The foundation of which are our Core Values:

  1. Do it once.
  2. Be Accountable.
  3. Over Communicate.
  4. Always be Learning.
  5. Care.

This allows West Village GC to be on-time and on-budget every time. We believe that building is an exciting and rewarding endeavor.

We have the process, discipline and structure to make sure every experience will be impeccable.