About Us

About West Village GC

Rooted in the belief that each project should be done once and done perfectly.

We are always looking to develop relationships with like-minded architects, designers and clients with a shared vision of excellence and professionalism. West Village GC’s culture is something we work hard to develop and maintain and our core values are lived by every member of our team every day.

Because Building Should Be Fun

Established in 2001, West Village GC has completed more than 400 commercial and residential projects in Manhattan with well-known designers such as David Scott Interiors and Fox Nahem, plus leading architects like H3 Hardy Collaboration Architecture, Resolution 4 Architecture and Mike Jacobs.

These are our values and our commitment to our designers, architects and clients:

  1. Do it once
    Plan ahead, do it once and get it right. Accuracy is everything.
  2. Be Accountable
    Own the outcome of your actions, choices and thinking.
  3. Over Communicate
    Speak up! Be candid even when it is difficult. Communicate more detail and more frequently than anyone expects.
  4. Always be learning
    Be open-minded, try new things and pursue both personal and professional development.
  5. Care
    Care about yourself, the team and our clients. Care about every detail.

Consistent reinforcement of our values and a shared vision of excellence throughout the organization provide for clear and open communication between site, administration, management, architect and the client. Clear and timely communication allows us to be on time and on budget with minimal project error.

West Village GC offers a full range of services from assisting the client with preliminary budgeting through occupancy and beyond.  Our commitment to our clients and their project means that there is always an open book policy and an unobstructed line of communication.  West Village GC’s principal, James Mansfield is personally involved in every project and makes sure that the special needs of each client are never overlooked.

About James

James MansfieldJames G. Mansfield
is a British born entrepreneur. He grew up the son of a developer constantly surrounded by building plans, contractors and construction sites. James had taken an apartment that he paid 325k for, redesigned the space to his taste, invested an additional 50k and built it out himself. The apartment sold for 1 million dollars two years later for an all cash deal within 1 week of listing. After realizing his natural abilities to see the potential in a space and loving the process James went into construction. For almost 15 years he has built West Village GC into a premium Manhattan construction company. Through his varied life experiences James has acquired a very unique ability to create very special environments personified by his current residence nick named “The Vortex”.

In his spare time you can catch James racing his motorcycles, yacht racing, or Big Mountain skiing.