James Mansfield

Founder and CEO

It might be said that James G. Mansfield’s journey from boyhood in England to launching a high-end general contracting firm in Manhattan was a circuitous one.

James grew up in a household where design/build was a dominant influence. His father, a successful developer in the UK, surrounded his son with building plans, blueprints, contractors, and architects from an early age, making the family business almost second nature to him. But instead of taking his father’s lead, James designed his own roadmap to success. By embarking on a series of adventures – most notably, five years as a pro sailor, race boat skipper, and marine engineer – he acquired the invaluable leadership skills he needed when, in 2001, he launched West Village GC.

While design/build is an industry often defined by materials, James sees it more as a people business: for him, success hinges upon building the ultimate team, developing respected partnerships, and delivering clear, transparent communication. Regularly collaborating with top tier architects and designers to animate a client’s vision, he instills in his staff the importance of knowing their role in the bigger picture – that is, shepherding the client through the process, understanding the designer’s intent, and holding full accountability for the project’s budget, quality and timeline. As proof of this philosophy, West Village GC has enjoyed a 100% rate of on-time and within budget project delivery for over two years.

James also champions a culture of core values. He has assembled a remarkable team of bright, dynamic, and motivated professionals who share their knowledge without hesitation and consistently strive to deliver the company’s core values. They are integral to the company’s ability to flawlessly execute upwards of 30 projects a year.

James has an intuitive understanding of the world of construction. His enthusiasm and energy are contagious, as is his passion for making and creating. He sees endless possibilities with each new day.