As a retail or commercial client you are likely on a tight timeline and rigid budget.

A blown timeline can cause chaos; a blown budget can be catastrophic.

We are committed to delivering an on-time and on-budget product that meets exceptionally high quality standards - every time.

Yes you read that right.

West Village GC will deliver:

  • On-time
  • On-budget
  • High quality

If this is the experience you are looking for you have found the right team.

Sound too good to be true? Most clients think so too - until they work with us!

You’re probably wondering how we can so confidently guarantee your project will run as smoothly.

We have perfected our process to deliver predictably every time:

There are 3 distinct roles in every build out:

  1. Client
  2. Architectural/design
  3. Execution/Construction

Without strict processes in place these roles become muddled. Through years of experience we’ve removed the confusion to ensure an amazing experience for all parties involved.

At West Village We Believe in Accountability:

Our responsibility as your construction company is:

  • Budget
  • Timeline
  • Quality

The Architectural & Design team’s responsibility is:

  • Design Accuracy

The Client’s responsibility is:

  • Making prompt decisions

If an on-time, on-budget joyful build is what you’re looking for allow West Village GC to bring your project to life!


Testimonial September 2015

Motion Picture Company (MPC) 3 floor build out NYC 2015:

Director of Technology John Kleber:

I had the great fortune of working with West Village GC on an expansion of a large Visual Effects Studio. Our business specializes in high end VFX and is client facing and as such, expects an extremely high attention to detail, genuine quality of service and fiscal transparency from those we hire. James at West Village more than exceeded these expectations. I have been the project lead on 3 major infrastructure build outs prior to this one and none have gone as smoothly as this. I can without reservation attribute this to the quality and integrity of WVGC's work. The team at WVGC has a deep understanding of their trade, hire dependable sub-contractors, demonstrate a commitment to timeliness and, most surprisingly, do it with a real sense of joy. I also must mention that their job sites the tidiest and most organized I have seen. I would not hesitate to recommend them for any job that requires high end work and thoughtful, inspired collaboration.

Director of Operations MPC Amanda Libotte

We've had a great experience with West Village GC. They have been consistently respectful, flexible and understanding of our business requirements during the construction process. The onsite teams/subcontractors are excellent and the quality of the workmanship is of a very high standard.

WV worked with us as a team throughout the construction process, doing their best to minimize disruption.

I would certainly recommend West Village GC and work with them again.

Testimonial June  2015

Stone  Gallery Chelsea NYC

Director of Operations Kate Barnwell:

West Village GC has a great team, professional, resourceful and efficient. We are a commercial client with very high aesthetic standards. On a very tight schedule, our renovation was delivered on time to meet our operational requirements. WVGC's construction team kept the job site clean and quiet, with no disturbance reported by our fellow tenants.

We would hire WVGC again.

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