The Position: Full Charge Bookkeeper in a Construction Company NYC

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$50k - $80k plus bonus up to 15% of base.
Why West Village GC?
West Village GC is becoming the most highly regarded High-End General Contractor in New York City and we believe that building is an exciting and rewarding endeavor. West Village GC has been featured in national magazines and newspapers such as the New York Times, TimeOut, Luxe Magazine, Robb Report, KK Magazine and Elle Décor.
We have achieved this through constant adherence to our Core Values, processes, discipline and structure striving to make sure that every experience is impeccable for our clients and highly rewarding for each team member.
We offer a comfortable environment where learning, accountability, teamwork, communication and attention to detail are valued.
We are seeking a Controller that wants to be part of the decision making process within our executive team and that will help develop and execute our growth plan for the next 5 years and to run and administrate the financial planning, bookkeeping and accounting functions of West Village GC.
If you want to be part of a highly functioning team that has not been late on a project for over 2 years, with clear lines of communication, a companywide commitment to excellence and a 30% year on year growth rate we are looking for you.
Core Values: West Village GC’s culture is the foundation of our business and our culture is based on our Core Values. Our Core Values don’t stop at the end of the work day or week. They surround our lives and guide us on how we conduct ourselves both inside and outside of the business environment.

  • Do It Once

Plan ahead, do it once and get it right.  Accuracy is everything.


  • Be Accountable

Own the outcome of your actions, choices and thinking.


  • Over Communicate

Speak up!  Be candid even when it’s difficult. Communicate in more detail and more frequently than anyone expects.


  • Always be learning

Be open-minded, encourage new ideas from your team and pursue both personal and professional development. Read!


  • Care

Care about yourself, the team and our clients.  Care about every detail.

Our high growth rate reflects a company wide entrepreneurial attitude, innovative problem solving, organizational excellence, team focus and processes. We pride ourselves on our culture and a “team first” mentality and we believe that understanding and maintaining boundaries strengthens the relationships we have with sub-contractors, architectural/design teams and our clients.
West Village GC has clear mission: to be the most highly regarded construction team in NYC.
If this speaks to you and you would like to become an active participant within a dynamic and rewarding, progressive team; please contact us by email. We would like to meet you!
Bookkeeping and Job Functions -

  • Keep owners aware of all actual and projected income, outgoing expenses, profit margin and overall financial stability of WVGC. Data breakdown required weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually.
  • You will be reporting to a CFO but working closely with owners also.
  • Manage payroll for all WVGC employees on a weekly and bi-weekly basis.
  • Manage all subcontractor requirements including master subcontracts, W-9’s and insurance certificates.
  • Ensure accounts payable are paid in a timely manner.
  • Ensure that client billing goes out in a timely manner and correct.
  • Ensure that accounts receivable are collected promptly.
  • Complete periodic bank reconciliations.
  • Create and maintain a documented system of accounting policies and procedures.
  • Work with outside accountant and auditors to complete tax and standard audit requirements.
  • Maintain the chart of accounts.
  • Maintain an orderly accounting filing system.
  • Support the project managers with project cost to date information.
  • Manage and maintain all insurance plans including General Liability, Workers Compensation, Health and Auto.
  • Insurance audits.

Human Resources Functions

  • Maintain all employee records.
  • Process on-boarding for all new hires.
  • Process employee termination procedures.
  • Coordinate all employee training and certifications.


  • WVGC owners have enough information to completely understand the overall financial stability of the company at all times.
  • WVGC remains financially sound enough to weather fluctuating economies and construction phases.


  • Extensive Construction Bookkeeping experience with Quickbooks.
  • Excellent computer software skills, specifically: Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word, QuickBooks, Adobe Acrobat.


  • Commensurate with experience in the $50k - $80k per year range + bonus up to 15% of base.