Chelsea Rooftop

  • LUXE_121 W21_Dressing Room_photo Peter Murdock
  • LUXE_121 W21_Kitchen_CROP_photo Peter Murdock
  • LUXE_121 W21_Living Room_1_CROP_photo Peter Murdock
  • LUXE_121 w21_Den_photo Peter Murdock
  • LUXE_121 W21_Breakfast Room_1_photo Peter Murdock
  • LUXE_121 W21_Bedroom_photo Peter Murdock
  • LUXE_121 W21_1_Dining Room 1_CROP_photo Peter Murdock
  • LUXE_121 W21_Bathroom_photo Peter Murdock
  • LUXE_121 W21_South Facing Terrace_photo Peter Murdock
  • LUXE_121 w21_Powder Room_photo Peter Murdock
  • LUXE_121 W21_Patio 1_photo Peter Murdock
  • LUXE_121 W21_Living Room_Bar_photo Peter Murdock
  • LUXE_121 W21_Living Room_2_Curtain Open_photo Peter Murdock
  • LUXE_121 W21_Dining Room 2_Curtains Closed_photo Peter Murdock
  • LUXE_121 W21_Dining Room_3_Sideboard_photo Peter Murdock

The Chelsea Rooftop apartment featured in a 14 page article in March 2016, NY LUXE magazine was a complete cosmetic renovation for one of our favorite design teams, Joe Nahem and David Gorman at Fox Nahem. The apartment was completed by Fox Nahem about a decade ago and was in need of a thorough but tasteful update. West Village General Contracting was brought on because of our strict adherence to timelines and our strong process and organizational skills. The project had to be completed in 10 weeks, no ifs, ands or butts!

To complete a project of this complexity in 10weeks took a further 10 weeks of advance planning: new kitchen, complete new built in book matched walnut office, new Venetian plaster throughout the 4000sf apartment, new custom walnut beds and cabinetry in the boys bedrooms and bathrooms and the maids room, floor refinishing and extensive wallpaper. But all this had to be done after a complete lighting and Crestron AV system was wired in, in a building that only allows work between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday. A 6 hour work day!

To complete on time we strategically divided up the project into multiple layers reducing dependency on a single point of failure. Two Venetian plaster companies, three cabinetry manufactures, two floor refinishing companies, two electrical companies etc., etc., this division of tasks created two distinct effects; firstly it meant a single sub-contractor could not threaten the timeline and secondly it created a very healthy and unexpected competition to out-do the “other companies” quality and service! A fantastic result for our client with the project finished to the highest possible standards and on time to the day!