Flat Iron Loft

An Art Gallery as a Home.

This beautiful Scandinavian inspired duplex loft was built by West Village General Contracting for a discerning client who desired the perfect canvass to display her art, entertain and have a family.

Fine lines and intensely accurate construction make this complicated build look simplicity itself.  Our brief was straight forward, make the space as simple as possible, no hinges, baseboards or unnecessary hardware, a perfect calm space.

West Village GC used a mix of durable materials like Corian, Oak and Thermo-foil to replicate an art gallery that can withstand the rigors of family life.

The clients who regularly entertain use their kitchen daily to cook for a growing family and are great supporters of our work and speak often of West Village General Contracting’s commitment to providing innovative solutions to complex problems while staying within a strict design brief and budget.