James G. Mansfield, Founder and CEO 

James is a British-born entrepreneur. The son of a developer, James grew up in the English countryside surrounded by luxury, building plans, contractors, and construction sites. He also spent time working as a butler for the British Royal Family.

In 2001 he began putting flyers under people’s doors in the West Village and completed his first tile job for $325. He didn’t know how to tile, so he bought “Home Improvement 1-2-3” from Home Depot and taught himself overnight. 

After finishing the job, he cleaned the bathroom to the same standard expected by Royalty. 

Since then, West Village GC has scaled from James driving a truck to 30 people through word of mouth. But the mission has never changed: Deliver a 5-Star experience and leave everything significantly better than we found it. 

Materials and cookie-cutter design often define Construction. James views business and building long-term partnerships with people who share our core values and building legacy. 

Everything we do is like a prototype. The level of detail is so micro – it’s relentless and mind-bending. But our projects are always on time and on budget, which is unheard of in Manhattan.

James lives in Manhattan with his wife, Julie, toddler son, Jayden, and puppy, Peachel.