West Village GC has almost 20 years experience dealing with insurance claims.  And we want your experience with us to be one of assurance.  Below is a simple guide to answer any questions you may have.  You may also contact us here and someone will get right back to you.


The Claim

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Your insurance broker is here to help you, they earn part of your premium each year to be available to answer all your questions escalate this through your brokerage until you get what you need:
    • How to proceed and what should be happening?
    • Whos insurance covers what if multiple parties are involved?
    • How long should the claim process take?
    • What to do if the parties involved are dragging their feet?
    • What is your coverage for housing during the process?
    • Am I agreeing to settlement if I cash the insurance check?
    • What if the estimates I get exceed the amount the various insurance companies are willing to pay?
    • How do I know when this is the best deal I am likely to get?
    • What if more damage is found once works start and I have cashed the check?

With almost 20 years experience dealing with these exact scenarios, we can answer any and all of these questions and guide you through the process with the help of your broker.

Your broker won’t know how much repairs should cost or if offers from the various insurance companies are reasonable. This is where a good relationship with an experienced General Contractor will pay dividends.


The Negotiation

This is where the negotiations start and having an experienced partner on your team will make all the difference.

What to do next:

  • The moving company

Choosing a good moving company is very important and these costs will be covered by your policy. Don’t cheap out here, your home should be photographed and inventoried by the moving company before moving to make sure every item is put back in its exact location. We have relationships with the most reputable moving companies in the city and will oversee this process for you from beginning to end and you shouldn’t have to lift a finger.

      • Deliver necessary items to your new accommodation, various locations or storage.
      • Humidity and temperature controlled storage
      • Special art and piano handling if necessary
      • Full photo inventory to make sure everything is put back exactly, to the last detail.
  • Your Accommodation

Your insurance company will likely have an accommodation limit on your policy, ask your insurance agent what this is. Most insurance companies will house you into comparable accommodation for the duration of your claim. We can help you understand how to approach this and what is reasonable to expect.

  • Negotiating with your Insurance Company

West Village GC will help you negotiate the right amount for your claim, insurance companies base claims on national averages, these numbers are often not in line with NYC construction costs, we can help you negotiate this and guide you through the process.


The Renovation

  • Once you have your move and storage sorted out, your accommodation all set and a check to cover the damages in hand, you have probably learned a great deal more about insurance claims and construction that you never wanted to know. If you have chosen the right team, the construction phase will go smoothly and you will be back in your home on a firm and predetermined date sometime in the near future with everything replaced and as good as new.

If you need more info, you can download our Insurance Claim Checklist here.

Also, feel free to contact us.