What Happens to your belongings after a flood?

What do you do with your belongings after a flood?

First, call your broker and find out your policy limits, which tell you what your accommodation limits are, and perhaps moving limits also.

There are many moving companies – some are great, and others are not so great.

We’ve partnered with the same moving company for over a decade. They come into the apartment and photograph inventory everything. Everything is carefully removed and placed in climate-controlled storage.

Your home should look like nothing ever happened when you return. Every book will be photographed and returned to the exact same spot if you have a home library. Bottles of scotch and glasses will be placed in the exact same position at the home bar.

Although moving companies don’t often carry insurance, your personal effects will be covered by your own homeowner’s insurance policy.

Check with your broker, but often it’s unnecessary to take out additional insurance unless you have specialist art that needs to be handled in a particular way.

Having a construction company that really understands the insurance claims process and how to handle the various components of the claim will really make this run smoothly for you.