James G. Mansfield
CEO & Founder

James is a British born entrepreneur. The son of a developer, James grew up in the English countryside surrounded by building plans, contractors and construction sites. After moving to Manhattan, the innate talent and experience he garnered as a child inspired him to launch West Village General Contracting in 2001.  It soon became the leading high end and luxury design/build firm in New York City. 

While design/build is an industry often defined by materials, James began WVGC with a different approach. He saw it as a business of people where success hinges upon building a skilled and able team, developing respected partnerships, and delivering clear, transparent communication to clients.  Combining his years of experience and his ongoing collaborations with top tier architects and designers, James developed a proprietary and specific system of construction called the Luxury Build Method that allows WVGC to not only deliver on but exceed the expectations of its clients every time.

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