Transform a Traumatic Experience Into a Mere Inconvenience.

Your apartment has flooded. This can be a very traumatic loss. Time is of the essence, and you have one chance to get it right. Our role is to get you back to normal at the earliest opportunity while minimizing your headaches and expenses.  

West Village GC has successfully handled insurance claims for 20 years. We will guide you through the process and restore your home as if nothing ever happened.

An Extreme Example

A frantic client called us after their apartment flooded. We inspected the damage. There were two inches of water on the floor. The wallpaper was peeling, and mold was growing up from the baseboard.

First, we called their broker and put the insurance company on notice. The insurance company sent out the adjuster and construction consultant. We remained to set the baseline for the size of the claim – this is very important.

While this was happening, we had a team of real estate agents helping the client find short-term accommodation. At the same time, the moving company was inventorying the space and getting ready to move everything out. 

After the claim was approved, our construction team went in. 6.5 months later, the apartment was restored to its original condition.

The insurance company paid out the settlement, and this situation went from a very traumatic experience for the client to simply an inconvenience.

How Many Insurance Claims Work

Most general contractors will underbid to win your business. The insurance is approved, and the repair work begins. But quickly, initial unseen problems surface like mold or broken electrics. 

Regardless, it will require another insurance claim, which might be rejected, increasing the financial risk of the overall project and extending your timeline. This cycle repeats for every new issue discovered as the repair work continues. 

How An Insurance Claim Should Work

Although it’s impossible to foresee all issues, our approach is to thoroughly assess the most accurate extent of your damage upfront through multiple surveys. It takes time but gives you a predictable completion date and minimizes the probability of later expensive surprises. 

Although the claim is usually higher, it will be processed quickly by your insurance. We’ve never had a claim rejected. 

With the right professional team, the construction phase will go smoothly, and you will be back in your home on a predetermined date sometime soon with everything replaced by your insurance and as good as new.

Please take a look at our Insurance Claim Checklist and FAQs, and/or schedule a free call to discuss your insurance claim. For 20 years, we’ve been answering insurance questions and assisting happy clients with both simple and complex claims.