Remove uncertainty. Do things the right way, one time.

If you want to know the actual cost of your project down to the cent, with an exact completion date, a pre-construction services agreement is vital.

With the traditional construction process, your architect or designer creates the plans for your home before sending them to a few contractors for a price estimate.

After building in Manhattan for 20 years, we know this is not the best way to complete your project.

Countless times we’ve seen disappointed clients with price estimates higher than anticipated, forcing them to cut items from the scope that they initially found exciting.

We wanted to fix this problem.

Complex construction projects require expert technical input from the general contractor at the outset. We build the design based on what is feasible in Manhattan for your expectations and budget. 

The Luxury Build Method gives you the freedom to make informed choices about where to maximize your budget. Most contractors don’t have the capacity to do this as it’s a resource-consuming process.

We price your plans as they’re drawn. By the end of this unique process, you have a ratified set of plans – with how much it will cost you to build it. Nothing will be missed. You can then engage our services or shop your plans around. 

Already created plans? No problem! We would love to chat with you about finding a way forward. We are also happy to work with any architect or designer on your team.