Chelsea Arts Tower

An Event Space like no Other
At Chelsea Arts Tower we had a blank canvas, an impossible deadline and instructions to build an event space with enough versatility to accommodate any and every purpose; including the owner’s wedding in 4 ½ months.

These beautiful jewel boxes in the sky face west and have incredible unobstructed views of the Hudson River and NY sunsets.

With only 14 weeks to complete 2 1/2 floors before the big day, we started with bare concrete floors and ceiling, a single florescent light and an outlet.

When we finished, on time, with the Assembly Permit in hand the day before the wedding, the space was completely transformed.

We had installed an acoustically absorbent ceiling, multiple hanging points for state of the art AV presentations, stage lighting, custom chain mail sail ceilings, custom computer controlled shading and lighting systems, 40 tons of HVAC, fire suppression, Venetian plaster walls, epoxy terrazzo floors, 11 bathrooms, a custom DMX lighting control system, hundreds of data and AV points and a full production office with ice making capability and secure walk in temperature controlled liquor storage.

Needless to say this was our most challenging project to date and also our most rewarding showing our commitment to being on time with everything!

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