Flair Soho

Furnishing the City.
Flair New York, is the New York Flagship of the Italian luxury home furnishings brand Flair.

Co-Owned by New York design veterans George Nunno and John Morato and built in 2007 Flair has grown and prospered.

The brief from both the owner and architect was to build a space that would showcase the store furnishings but not actually look like a furniture store, more like a beautifully appointed living room.

We accomplished this by reusing the spaces original tin ceilings to hide a powerful HVAC System, building a platform to showcase pieces in the windows and creatively building pivoting walls that allowed the clients to separate the store into dramatic vignettes.

Hand painted grass cloth wallpaper and custom molding make each section of the store stand out.

The transformation of this former machine and weapon shop into a premier, luxury furniture and lifestyle showroom in Soho demanded an extensive renovation. This 8-week transformation maximized the earning potential of the space byunderstanding the needs of the client, increasing the selling floor by 20% and creating a chic separate office. West Village GC designed a pivoting wall to create an ever-changing vignette that keeps the store looking new and fresh. Painted grass cloth walls with secret panel doors, aniline dyed floors, and a brand new HVAC system that maintains the look and feel of the original industrial ceiling complete the store.

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