Working on a busy 5th Avenue lobby for the commercial offices of PRADA was a challenge!

The work had to be completed in 7 weeks and could only be done between 8pm and 6am. There is a sign outside the location that reads “Don’t even think about parking here” that is in affect 24 hours a day. The lobby renovation was a complete gut, including all walls & ceilings removed, new HVAC, fire alarm system to be tied into the main building system, glass frontage and signage and a complicated tile installation with varying tile shape, size and thickness for each of the 7000 pieces to be custom cut from slab chosen by the client.

Done on time and on budget! With a few gray hairs added…

006-Prada-5th-Avenue-Lobby 005-Prada-5th-Avenue-Lobby 004-Prada-5th-Avenue-Lobby 002-Prada-5th-Avenue-Lobby 001-Prada-Lobby 007-Prada-5th-Avenue-Lobby 003-Prada-5th-Avenue-Lobby 008-Prada-5th-Avenue-Lobby