Wooster St. Penthouse




Insurance claim

Creating the Dream Kitchen

This unit had extensive water damage and required mold remediation which meant an entirely new kitchen was in order. West Village GC handled every detail of the insurance claim and designed & built the perfect chef’s kitchen for this culinary couple.

With chopping boards next to your right knee and custom knife draws above the chopping boards, a dishwasher adjacent to the pot and pan storage and another dishwasher adjacent to the plates and flatware, this kitchen was designed for convenience. Built-in countertop storage for oils and spices, along with dispensers for instant hot water and both hand and dish soaps at each sink are a few of the details we saw to include. Dedicated coffee, tea and juicing station, pastry preparation area, a prep area opposite the refrigerator, plus custom storage for everything you need from batteries to spices, linens, and cookbooks.

All of this wrapped in beautiful, natural walnut and Italian marble.

Function, form, and elegance at its finest.

Photography courtesy of © Colin Miller


Insurance claim

Beauty and Brains

Since this kitchen was designed with the cook in mind, it is more than just a pretty face. Small details add up to create a symbiotic flow for ease and convenience. We’ve created a well for keeping commonly used spices and oils next to the stovetop. This well catches any residue to keep a clean and tidy kitchen. Another feature that we implemented was to include both a dish soap and a hand soap dispenser built into the sink. This simple addition means that there is not a messy hand soap bottle cluttering up the sink area! We saw to every detail including keeping the typical “junk drawer” mess free!

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