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James G. Mansfield

CEO & Founder

James’ Bio

James is a British-born entrepreneur. The son of a developer, James grew up in the English countryside surrounded by building plans, contractors, and construction sites. After moving to Manhattan, the innate talent and experience he garnered as a child inspired him to launch West Village General Contracting in 2001. It soon became the leading high-end and luxury design/build firm in New York City.

While design/build is an industry often defined by materials, James began WVGC with a different approach. He saw it as a business of people where success hinges upon a skilled team, strong partnerships, and clear communication with clients. Combining his experience and collaborations with top-tier architects and designers, James developed a proprietary system called the Luxury Build Method, enabling WVGC to exceed client expectations every time.

James's Origin Story
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True Glidewell – Developer & Client


When I first met James I didn’t know how to take him. He was one of 4 contractors I had come through my new co-op in Tribeca. Everyone else nodded their heads and agreed with what I was showing them then quoted on the job.

James walked in, I showed him what I was going to do and he started asking really probing questions. He asked me what my priorities are, why I was doing what I was doing and then asked if he could make some suggestions.

I was curious so I let him speak. I expected that he was going to up-sell me, but he stared making suggestions to decrease the scope of work and not increase it! He was interested in me getting value from what I was doing and clearly he had a great deal of experience to draw from.

James doesn’t ‘look like a contractor’ when you meet him. He doesn’t act like the typical contractor either. He’s polished and when he meets with you he’s early. His whole team shows up early for meetings! It’s such a refreshing change to the industry.

I’m a developer and I hired James for my own apartment renovation, I’m so glad that I did. You won’t be disappointed if you do.



James at West Village is professional, courteous and always delivered in a timely manner. I highly recommend West Village GC.

Jeff – Client


I’ve loved working with West Village. James and Tal are very good at what they do and communication is always their top priority (which is hard to find in this industry). I will certainly hope to work with them again on future project.

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