Expeditors - Worth it or not?

Many people think that expeditors are middlemen making money off the system. They sit between the architect your plans and the processing of your plans by the Department of Buildings.

This is not the case.

The Department of Buildings is an enormous organization that is built on 100 years of experience and rules and regulations that keep New Yorkers safe and protect us from shoddy building techniques and all the horror stories that you’ve heard.

The Department of Buildings is an essential component in making the process work. But because of the amount of rules and regulations and the various ways different parts of a project can be filed.

If you’re putting up an enormous Tower Block, there are rules and regulations.

If you’re building an apartment within that tower block, there are rules and regulations.

If you’re building a subway station, there are rules and regulations.

The expeditors and their code experts understand what those rules regulations are, and they take your set of plans. Take it through the process to the Department of Buildings and help you end up with a buildable project.

Now, can you do it without an expediter?

Only the brave and only people with an awful lot of time and a very, very strong desire to learn are going to be putting their their own plans through the Department of Buildings, hire a good expediter it’s worth the $5,000 I hope that was useful. If you have any questions, click on the link below or give us a call.