Moving a Sprinkler

Contracts are often asked, is it a big deal to move a sprinkler?

I’m in a $600 million building, this is a building infrastructure.

What happens if something goes wrong?

What’s my liability?

Just how big a deal is it to actually move that sprinkler?

It’s not a big deal to move a sprinkler, sprinklers are moved every single day, all over the city.

The second question is, what’s the permitting process?

How much time will it take before I can actually move the sprinkler?

Your plumber or rather your sprinkler specialist will understand the various types of permits that have to be pulled. Yes, you have to pull a permit to move the sprinkler. But you don’t necessarily have to pull a full sprinkler permit.

A full engineered sprinkler permit will require engineer drawings. It will require an engineer to stamp those drawings and it’s a much larger process.
Your building may require you to provide engineer drawings but the department building doesn’t if you fall into certain criteria.

You can move or relocate up to 20 sprinkler heads.

You can add or remove up to five sprinkler heads using a licensed sprinkler contractor by filing what they call an LAA.

You’ve got a category one LAA, you have a category two LAA, and they vary slightly, but for the purpose of this, you really don’t need to know the difference.

What you need to know is that in the same day or within 48 hours, you can file an LAA permit.

You don’t need engineer drawings, you may have to provide what they call a shop drawing to your building showing what you’re going to do, but it doesn’t need an engineer stamp.

So the cost of that should be very, very low, a thousand dollars or less.