Remodeling Kitchens and Bathrooms - What You Need to Know Part I

Kitchens and bathrooms all you need to know:

If you are changing your kitchen, or your bathroom but staying within its current walls. So staying within its current envelope, you’re not you’re not making it bigger, you’re not making it smaller, you’re not taking any walls down, you’re demolishing the interior.

You don’t need any special filings, you’re going to need a licensed plumber, you’re going to need a licensed electrician.

Both of those will pull their own permits, but that’ll be included in the cost of the project and you won’t necessarily feel it, you don’t need to do any special filing for this.

So if you have a bathroom with a bath in it, and you would like to change it to a beautiful spa-like shower, no problem.

You can do that.

If you have a kitchen and you’d like to put the sink on the other side and relocate the stove and the fridge.

That’s no problem either.

It’s known as building like for like, you’re not changing the actual structure, you can move the plumbing, you can move the electrical.

Once the plumbing is done, it’s called rough plumbing, which is everything behind the wall.

Once a rough plumbing is complete, that will need to be inspected.

And that’s very important.

If you don’t get it inspected or you’re not using a licensed plumber, then your liability is that if something goes wrong, and they find it was not inspected, you can be in big trouble and they will make you bring it up to code which may mean taking out your bathroom just to get it inspected.

Very important that you use licensed trades.
So once you have your plan, you go to your building, and you make sure that what you want to do is okay, you’re pretty much off to the races.

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