Understanding Your Costs - why trimming scope doesn't always save you that much money

Contractors are asked all the time, if I take this much out of my scope, the price is going to reduce by half right?

The answer is generally no, because there’s a lot more than just the work that actually affects the price.

There’s also general conditions.

There’s, there’s the stuff the contractor has to do every single day, covering the common hallways, uncovering the common hallways, making sure everything’s clean, getting your stuff into your apartment.

So if you want to change the material, your kitchens made off, you want to go from a particular species of wood to another much less expensive species of wood.

Sure, that’s going to have a big price difference, right?

Not so much.

Because the kitchen still has to be fabricated, it still has to be shipped it still has be delivered to your floor, and then it has to be installed.

That hasn’t really changed.

So although you’ve made what may be a big concession on a single thing, if you really want to reduce the cost of construction, try and reduce the time it takes to get it done.

Then your contractor will hopefully be able to meet your expectations with bringing the price down.

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