Welcome to Building in Manhattan

My name is James Mansfield, and this is building in Manhattan.

20 years ago, I started handing out leaflets and putting them under doors in the West Village to be a handyman.

And 20 years later, we now work with some of the leading architectural design firms in the world, building multimillion dollar spaces for all kinds of people.

And in that period, I’ve learned an awful lot about how to build in Manhattan, all the various processes, the bureaucracies, the building management, all the different things that you have to understand as you go into the process.

I’m asked these questions all the time. And I thought, if we can put together a central place where people can search for particular subjects for particular topics, things that you want to know about.

These videos will hopefully help you feel educated and confident when you go and you start interviewing contractors and architects and designers and understand what the process actually is.

If there’s a video you’d like us to make, send us an email and we’ll see if we can do it for you. Enjoy