What are Designer Ready Apartments?

If you look around the city, there’s a tremendous amount of new residential building going on.

Most of these new apartments are going to be delivered to their owners in designer ready condition.

What does designer ready mean?

Well, it can vary, but usually it means you’re getting a beautiful white canvas that the new owner can turn into their personalized home.

Maybe you want to do wall coverings, maybe you want to do new cabinetry, maybe you want to change the color of the floors.

Maybe you want to do overhead lighting.

Overhead lighting is an interesting one.

If you want to do overhead lighting, you can’t put the light fixture straight into the concrete. So that means building a slightly lowered ceiling (Don’t worry. Probably around three inches of ceiling height and on a nine foot or nine foot six ceiling you won’t see that).

Once you’ve got your ceiling in, you can do pretty much any lighting, you want recessed, chandeliers, whatever it is you need.

There is one thing though.

If you’re going to lower your ceiling and put in lighting, it’s a quite a messy process and you probably should consider doing it as early as possible before you move in.

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